New e-commerce website for Recharger prepaid sub-meters


With the ongoing need to cut costs wherever possible in the current economic climate, prepaid electricity metering is an excellent tool for both individuals as well as businesses. Prepaid electricity usage, much like prepaid cell-phone usage, allows the consumer to buy electricity upfront and use it until the prepaid amount is consumed, topping up thereafter, and in this way manage their electricity usage and costs more efficiently.

Now, buying a prepaid electricity sub-meter nationwide has never been easier with Recharger Prepaid Meters, a leading supplier of prepaid electricity sub-meters, tokens, and token vending solutions. Recharger is excited to announce the launch of its new e-commerce website at Recharger’s new website offers simple navigation, convenient electricity recharge options and interesting business opportunities.

Our new e-commerce site offers a wide range of sleek and compact prepaid electricity sub-meters. Buying a sub-meter has never been easier. You can safely purchase a sub-meter online and get it delivered to your door free of charge. Zachariya Lockhat, Head of Business Development at Recharger, clarifies that the company has taken note of the increase in online shopping trends in South Africa in recent years, in particular during the COVID-19 pandemic, and has seen the need to upgrade Recharger’s website to offer e-commerce functionality.

“With the increase of electricity tariffs in July, prepaid electricity sub-meters are an effective, safe and reliable way to monitor consumption costs,” Lockhat explains. “Having access to a number of different purchasing platforms, Recharger now offers our customers options in terms of how, where and when they choose to purchase a prepaid electricity sub-meter. This is why we have added to our existing options by upgrading the Recharger website to offer e-commerce functionality.

“Recharger Prepaid Meters has an excellent national footprint and a wide distribution network of physical locations where you can purchase our prepaid electricity sub-meters for both residential and commercial use. Earlier this year we opened our online Takealot store, in addition to our existing brick-and-mortar retail partners.”

Lockhat says that the Recharger website,, offers a wealth of useful information on its products and is easy to navigate and is user-friendly. “We offer free delivery on all orders for a limited time,” he adds, “and this is over and above the lifetime warranty that we offer on certain products, subject to terms and conditions.

“Our website explains the differences between single-phase and three-phase electricity sub-meters – normally you would use the former for residential use and the latter for commercial or industrial – as well as offering detailed information on our product range, how to buy the top-up vouchers that you need, and even business opportunities that might be of interest to some readers. Not everyone is aware that Recharger is able to assist with business opportunities in terms of property management and independent dealers’ solutions, but our website clarifies further.”

All Recharger meters must be installed independently by registered electricians. Recharger prepaid meters are used in homes, cottages, apartment blocks, retail stores and holiday rentals, amongst others, across the country to easily monitor and manage electricity consumption.

Zachariya Lockhat, Head of Business Development at Recharger.

Recharger is excited to announce the launch of its new e-commerce website at

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