Legrand’s lighting and power distribution solutions


Legrand’s range of Zucchini busbars includes LB PLUS busbar trunking systems, designed for the distribution of power from 25 to 63 A.

This durable busbar trunking system is an efficient single product solution for dependable lighting and power distribution, that replaces the need for multiple components in industrial and commercial installations.

According to Legrand specialists, key advantages of this power distribution system over conventional busbar systems include a simple design, quick installation and improved performance. The versatility of this system also means easy adaptation to layout modifications and expansion or refurbishment of the existing installation environment.

The LB PLUS range, which efficiently meets lighting and power demands up to 63 A, is available with newly designed 10, 16 and 32 A colour-coded tap-off plugs with spring clamp contacts and end covers. These tap-off plugs can be easily moved when the bar is energised and as a safety feature, they can be fitted with a positioning pin to ensure tap-off is only accessed on the correct side of a double-sided bar. Self-extinguishing plastic components and an IP55 Index Protection rating to guard against the ingress of dust and water, are standard features. This system has an impact resistance of IK07.

Features for easy and secure installation include hooks and rings for the safe suspension of light fittings and a suspension cables and brackets for the reinforced galvanised steel encased bar.

An important advantage of selecting Legrand components for efficient, safe and flexible power distribution is the immediate integration between the company’s busbar trunking systems, cast resin transformers and XL³ cabinets.

These power distribution systems are designed for use in industrial and commercial applications, including production sites, workshops and maintenance and repair centres. They are also suitable for hospital and laboratories, shopping centres, warehouses and underground car parks.

Legrand’s range of high-power products for electrical installations and information networks encompasses distribution, automation panels and protection equipment, as well as cable management systems.

 The company offers a technical advisory and support service throughout Southern Africa.

Legrand’s LB PLUS Lighting and Power Busbar System
Legrand’s LB PLUS Lighting and Power Busbar

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