Harcliff Mining Services has chosen Demag Cranes to supply two 25-ton double V girder cranes and one 6.3-ton single girder crane at their newly acquired factory in Meadowdale, Germiston. The cranes have been successfully installed and are supported by Demag Service Agreements.

“Harcliff Mining Services recently acquired new factory space which is to be used for their gear box operation where their volume of production has increased. In addition to inheriting a 12-year-old Demag crane that was still working well, they required further crane equipment for this increased capacity. After meeting with our Demag specialists, it was established that with their proposed factory layout changes, one of our single girders and two of our double V girder cranes would meet their requirements satisfactorily” said Emil Berning, Managing Director.

Darren Bagnall, Managing Director of Harcliff Mining Services commented “We knew how highly the Demag brand is regarded globally, and some of our sister companies have installed their equipment and found the quality and performance extremely high and reliable”, adding “so we met with Demag and discussed our requirements for our gear box operation and accepted their proposals. In addition, for performance stability, cost and safety reasons, we have also decided to support our new Demag cranes with the Demag Service Agreement Plan, which removes unexpected downtime and repair costs, giving us operational peace of mind”.

The recent installation of the cranes at Harcliff Mining Services was conducted over a weekend in order to be COVID-19 compliant in terms of meeting the various protocols such as social distancing and working in a clean and sanitized environment. Operating within these restrictions threw up the challenge of ensuring that the removal of old crane equipment and the installation of the new Demag cranes was well synchronised to avoid delays, which was accomplished.

EKKE Single Girder Crane

The Demag Single Girder Crane offers excellent crane geometry and outstanding travel characteristics whilst reducing the load on building structures. The single-girder overhead travelling crane with solid girders comes in two variants:

The EKKE overhead travelling cranes with welded box-section girders and the EPKE overhead travelling cranes with rolled profile girders. They offer a choice of controls: Besides cable connected control pendants, the D3 generation of radio controls offers safety, reliability and convenient operation.

The Demag DMR modular rope hoist, for example, is designed for crane applications, while our DC chain hoist already includes comprehensive features and good value for money, as standard. Two cranes can be controlled on one runway with a common radio control system using our Demag SafeControl system. The single girder crane meets Performance Level “C” and Category 2 requirements for safety-related control functions. The SafeControl fully monitors all crane parameters and giving maximum safety for individual applications.

ZVKE Double V Girder Crane

A significant feature of the V-type crane is the reduced weight of the crane girder compared with cranes that have box-section girders. This results in potential load capacity gains for overhead travelling cranes which can be equipped with rope hoists that have higher load capacities. This means that a ZVKE double-girder crane can transport heavier unit loads than a crane which has a box-section girder – without exerting a higher load on the crane runway and building superstructure, which enables existing buildings to be utilised even better. The cost benefits that can be achieved for new buildings are due to the use of optimised supports and foundations.

The V-type double-girder cranes are offered in four different designs. The side connection of the end carriages to the girder is a feature that they all share. The crane can be adapted in the best possible way to match the volume of existing buildings. For new buildings, the space between the crane and building roof can be reduced, thereby saving costs for the building structure and its upkeep and maintenance. The double V girder crane also gives more precision in terms of its crab runways and torsion-free crane girders.

Demag Service and Maintenance Agreements

Demag’s tailored solutions for inspection and maintenance ensures that your investment gives you the performance you required – a regular and reliable performance for optimum equipment availability and a

high level of safety for owners and operators. Demag’s qualified technicians who have a wealth of experience, are not only familiar with our own products, but offer inspection and maintenance work for cranes, hoists, load handling attachments or other related equipment for any other brand on the market. This enables our customers to have a one-stop-shop experience for all of their equipment across the board.

The goal of the service agreements is to prevent malfunctions on equipment, through scheduled maintenance and short response times. The service and maintenance agreements are tailored to a customer’s requirements and are carried out to the company’s high specifications and local compliance regulations.

“The installations of the cranes went extremely smoothly, and I am confident that their performance will enhance our newly re-organised product flow lines. The Demag Service Agreements, are proactive agreements and include a major service every six months and minor servicing at three monthly intervals. That way, we will not be caught off-guard by unexpected stoppages for repairs, and which enables us to schedule maintenance more effectively” said Bagnall.

“I must just add” Bagnall added “the service and attention to our requirements that we have received from Demag Cranes is head and shoulders above what we have experienced elsewhere. I have no hesitation in recommending not only the Demag product, but the Demag team as well. They have been exceptionally professional in the execution of the contracts throughout the process as well as in their relationship building with us all at Harcliff Mining Services” concluded Bagnall.

“The single girder and double V girder cranes are our flagship cranes and we are proud to have Harcliff Mining on board as a new satisfied customer of Demag. Relationships with our customers are paramount. The safety compliance and performance of our equipment at their factories is all important to us” commented Berning, adding “the service agreements offered by Demag are world class, and prevent any major mishap or misalignment issues well before they become visible. We are here to ensure that our machines operate at full optimisation at all times. That they are reliable and cost effective in performance and give a totally safe experience for all those involved in their operation” concluded Berning.

Harcliff Mining Services is an acknowledged global specialist in the design, manufacture and refurbishment of new and existing equipment for the mining, minerals processing, pyroprocessing, cement, power generation and petrochemical sectors. Harcliff Mining Services’ offers the design, manufacture and refurbishment of grinding mills and associated components as well as the manufacture and refurbishment of open gearing and industrial gearboxes and the design and manufacture of rotary scrubbers. The company also produce kilns and dryer parts. The company also manufacture wear parts from their product

Offering, and can design and manufacture one-off products to meet individual customers’ needs and specifications.

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