Aquamarine lands sole distribution rights for MEMGARD® water treatment chemicals


Aquamarine Water Solutions has been appointed sole distributor of the Aquatech range of MEMGARD® water treatment chemicals in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. This NSF-approved chemical range is tailored for use as membrane antiscalants and membrane cleaning chemicals.
The MEMGARD® range from USA-based Aquatech consists of MEMGARD® 6000 & 6002 membrane antiscalants and MEMGARD® 6016 & 6017 membrane cleaners. The patented antiscalant chemistry effectively controls scaling species such as calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, silica, barium sulphate and strontium scaling species, among others.

According to Ronald Pillay, Engineering Manager at Aquamarine Water Solutions, projections conducted over a number of water treatment sources showed that up to 10% savings can be achieved by using MEMGARD antiscalants when compared to competitor brands.

According to Pillay, two primary factors that influenced Aquatech in selecting Aquamarine for South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa distribution are: its association with parent company Murray & Roberts; and, importantly, the value that Aquatech adds to their products. These include the ability to offer engineering support to their customers, and being able to stock high and distribute quickly -another key distinguishing factor.

“Having a distribution partner enables us to stock sufficient product to service the local market and provide good lead times from order to delivery,” Pillay says. He adds that delivery could take place between one and three days subsequent to receiving a purchase order, just one of their competitive advantages.

Added benefits

As part of its MEMGARD® offering to OEMs and bulk purchase customers, Aquamarine provides free membrane autopsies. “If any of our bulk purchasers experience unresolved challenges with their membranes, we offer to dispatch one membrane per year to our manufacturers’ laboratory where testing and analysis takes place free of charge,” Pillay explains. “This provides additional value to our customers.”.

Also available from Aquamarine is the Aquatech MEMGARD® Dose Wizard, software that predicts the scaling indices for a client’s water chemistry. The software is designed to provide the appropriate dosage based on one’s system design and specific water chemistry. It also provides guidance on the best choice of antiscalant chemicals to use for one’s RO plant. “The application is based on a proven and tested software design from an internationally acclaimed organisation, further incorporating precipitation limits and 3D graphs for various saturation species,” explains Pillay.

“One of the benefits to customers using MEMGARD® chemicals is the savings experienced from lower chemical doses,” Pillay says. “It is a chemical range that has a much better price point and, once you consider the additional savings from discounts applied to bulk orders, a plant can have its operational and maintenance costs substantially reduced.”

Expanding the footprint

The MEMGARD® range of chemicals is approved by leading membrane manufacturers, a key factor used by Aquamarine in promoting the brand. Aquatech’s MEMGARD® range of chemicals currently has significant reach in North America, the Middle East and Asia. Aquamarine is responsible for extending this footprint in South Africa and other countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

“Aquatech has years of experience in terms of water treatment chemicals and we consider their associated brands to be of excellent quality,” Pillay concludes. “They provide us with the technical back-up garnered from 15 years of global industry experience, which enables us to offer solutions to a vast range of technical challenges with a local presence.

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