600SA, a business of EIE Group, believes that for South African warehousing and logistics business to maximise productivity and profitability, innovative solutions and a customer-first approach are needed. Financial turmoil of 2020, businesses in the material handling and industrial equipment sectors need equipment solutions that reduce the total cost of ownership and allow for maximum […]
KVMTech’s tailored control room solutions helped East Coast Radio transform its on-air studios to those of 21st century control capability, including scalability that allows for continued advancement. Contracted in 2018 to supply and install relevant electronic solutions and associated cabling for the station’s studio rebuild, KVMTech’s solution proved its ROI in a very short period. […]
A lubricant’s viscosity is arguably its most important property – its resistance to flow and shear. Viscosity can be influenced by several factors, from contamination to temperature. Multi-viscosity oils have been developed to cater to a wider range of grades and temperatures. Ford explains that the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) developed numerical coding system […]
A vast range of South African industries require time- and cost-effective corrosion control services to ensure critical operational efficiency and minimal downtime during maintenance, repairs, scheduled and unscheduled shutdowns of assets and facilities; and during periodic NDT and inspection of associated equipment. Accordingly, Dekra Industrial in South Africa has introduced a dynamic new niche initiative […]
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