The Royal In celebration of World Engineering Day, the Academy is also releasing a series of videos highlighting how engineers play a critical role in meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals The Royal  Academy of Engineering (, an engineering charity focused on harnessing the power of engineering to build a sustainable society and an inclusive economy, […]
Don’t you just wish, when driving along a bumpy sand road, that there could be some form of tracking to make the journey easier? Or even when driving up yourown driveway, that there is an attractive greened track that blends in with your already established landscaping? A simple yet highly engineered hardlawn paving from Technicrete, […]
The best way to protect your equipment is to apply the right lubricant at the right time and in the right quantities. This is the philosophy at Lubrication Engineers (LE) South Africa. But, says Callum Ford, National Marketing Manager, there’s one more principal worth bearing in mind: a good lubricant can become a great lubricant […]
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