Aquamarine Water Solutions has been appointed sole distributor of the Aquatech range of MEMGARD® water treatment chemicals in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. This NSF-approved chemical range is tailored for use as membrane antiscalants and membrane cleaning chemicals. The MEMGARD® range from USA-based Aquatech consists of MEMGARD® 6000 & 6002 membrane antiscalants and MEMGARD® 6016 […]
thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions South Africa (tkISSA) to provide low cost, robust, mobile design to dilute and spray disinfectant for use in COVID-19 hotspots The South African lockdown will help flatten the curve as a result of social distancing. As COVID-19 is extremely contagious, the right cleaning agents and sanitisers will play an extremely important role […]
Water softeners are used to treat water for various industries and applications, from pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and healthcare to food and beverages, water bottling, hospitality (such as hotels and lodges), and domestic settings (to deal with hard water). All boilers need a softener, as well as cooling towers, as boilers help to prevent scale on heat […]
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