Conceptainer – specialists in the design and manufacture of packaging and material handling systems – has responded to the Government’s call for assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic and now supplies a full range of personal protection equipment (PPE) to enhance safety in the workplace.

“The company’s range of locally-manufactured PPE encompasses non-medical facemasks, ambidextrous gloves, face shields, disposable coveralls and hand and surface sanitisers, including sanitiser fogger cans for offices and classrooms. All these products meet stringent quality specifications for safe use in various sectors,” explains Ian Gallie, sales manager, Conceptainer (Pty) Ltd. “In line with it now being mandatory for everyone to wear a facemask in the workplace and in public areas, we supply washable three-ply fabric facemasks, designed to offer protection against the highly infectious the COVID-19 virus.”

Protective three-ply surgical-style face masks for civilian use, are produced from Spun-Bond 25 micron spandex materials. The white polypropylene material is cotton-stitched with lightweight, elasticated straps. These face-coverings have a close-fitting design which provides comfort during extended periods of use. Conceptainer’s re-usable, non-medical facemasks are available in packs of 40.

Powder-free, non-latex gloves, with a dependable biological barrier, offer good resilience when stretched, to fit all hand sizes. These disposable gloves are designed for single use and are available in boxes of 50 units.

Disposable coveralls provide the same degree of protection as standard washable coveralls, without the need to decontaminate them after use. These protective coverings, which are quick and easy to put on and take off, are manufactured in all sizes. For optimum protection, they are fitted with a hood, elasticated wrists and ankles and a zip fastening.

Conceptainer’s hand and arm sanitisers contain 70% by volume denatured alcohol, which is certified to eliminate over 99,7 % of mico-organisms. These no-rinse sanitisers have a refreshing scent, are available from 50 ml bottles to 1 000 litres.

The company offers a delivery service in the Durban area and is also able to ship supplies around the country during lockdown stages. Bulk volumes are supplied to retailers and general industry.

Other products in the Conceptainer range include TELLAP pallet-free bulk bags, Marken pouchless label holders, polypropylene bag repair tape, anti-static corrugated board and stillage boxes.


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