Demag, one of the largest suppliers of cranes in South Africa, recently supplied a 10-ton V-Girder crane to a local copper coil factory. The crane was a new production crane which was installed into an existing production bay.

“Prior to recommending the V-Girder product, Demag conducted wheel loading comparisons for the company. The results showed that the lower wheel loadings of the V-Girder crane meant that no changes were required to the existing supporting gantry structure, thereby offering a substantial cost saving. Additionally, the V-Girder crane is 17% lighter than conventional box girder cranes” said Richard Roughly, Manager for Industrial Equipment Sales, at Demag.

Roughly added, “The V-Girder crane offers benefits such as greater efficiency – as the oscillation of the crane girder dampens 30% faster than a conventional crane – resulting in an increased load handling rate. The 10-ton crane has a 17.5 meter span with a lifting height of 6 meters. The unique design of the V-Girder will also allow more light into the factory, creating a safer and better lit environment for technicians to operate in. The V-Girder has double the structural design life compared to a conventional crane performing similar functions”

Whilst Demag is renowned for its competitiveness combined with high level of technical expertise, critical factors for this client in selecting the V-Girder also included the guarantee of delivery. Initial discussions enabled Demag to correctly assess the required technical specifications and manage the critical six-week delivery timeframe.

“We believe the technical advantages of the V-Girder crane coupled with availability of crane sets, enabled us to me meet the fast turnaround time from order to delivery that the client required.
The importance of availability is often overlooked, but it does play a major role when production outputs are dependent of new equipment being installed within the required production window” commented Roughly.

What the V-Girder Offers

This European and USA award-winning crane has revolutionised load handling. Through its innovative design, which features tapered diaphragm joints it has improved oscillation characteristics by 30%, reduced weight by an average of 17% and doubled its service life to as many as 500,000 changes of load. The new girder design offers significantly improved efficiency for handling loads and higher handling rates than conventional box-section girders.

Some of the benefits include:

• Improved efficiency: more precise positioning, higher handling rates, double
the service life
• Optimised deadweight: lower forces transmitted to existing superstructure and
additional load capacity
• Service-friendly: more lifting points simplify assembly and installation and additional
safety due to the improved view
• Further benefits: greater flexibility in headroom dimensions, surface area exposed to wind reduced by up to 55 % and a reduced environmental impact

Technical specifications include a load capacity of up to 12.5 t, a span up to 30 m, long-travel speed
up to 60 m/min, cross-travel speed of up to 30 m/min and a lifting speed up to 12.5 m/min. Demag can supply non-standard specifications upon request.

A range of V-Girder models are available from Demag, all of which are can be adapted to any design of building, whether existing and new.


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